British Virgin Islands Plastic Surgery Workshop

Dr. Ralph Blocksma

The British Virgin Islands Plastic Surgery Workshop was originally conceived by Drs. Ralph Blocksma and Ian Jackson. The 30th Anniversary Annual Conference will take place during the first week of February 2016.  It is a not for profit event and is supported by the Government of the BVI.  The meeting is designed to be informative and informal with a relaxed atmosphere.  Sessions run from 8:00 am to 12 noon, allowing for attendees to enjoy all the beauty and splendor of the British Virgin Islands.  The meeting attracts all comers, from academics to community surgeons from both Europe and North America.  Attendees tend to come back year after year; participation has grown!

Presentations are of high quality and cover the full scope of Plastic Surgery.  Registration is open to all and we welcome new faces.  The cost of attending the conference is $400, with an additional $50 for spouses or significant others that will be attending the lunches and cocktail parties.  For more information contact Dr. Peter Neligan or Charlotte Constantian.



Dr. Ian Jackson

Mark your calendar for our next Plastic Surgery Workshop in
Tortola, British Virgin Islands: February 1 - 4, 2016!


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Peter Neligan
Charlotte Constantian